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Students who had the opportunity of sitting in English and General Paper (GP) lessons had some thoughts to say about the tuition provided. 

The teaching is ideal for me as. It addresses current issues which enable students to relate more effectively. It has enabled me to rediscover my interest in the language and my grade has shot up to an A in just one year. 


The teacher is good in putting her points across very well. I am able to grasp new ways of looking at topics. I have amassed a variety of information which was not covered in my syllabus.

Pradeep Thevar

The lessons are effective in terms of the particular parts that you are weak in. There are prepaprations for upcoming tests and exams. The lessons are interesting and helpful as they are based on the current O level syllabus. Prior to my tuition classes my grades were only borderline but after I started I could already see changes in my exams from a C5 and now to a B4.

Julius Lee Wen Bing

When I first joined the tuition in 2011, my grade for English was D7. After continuous lessons, within 6 months, my grades jumped to A2. Ms Pal is a very caring teacher and she makes it a point to make every lesson informative and meaningful. Ms Pal's lessons are very effective though she does not give a lot of homework every week.

Bryan Tay

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