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  • Vanita Pal


Trying to weed through the mass of tutors available in the market to get the right one can be a daunting task. In fact, it can be a real headache.

How do you determine if the tutor is the right one for you?

How do you know ‘how’ the tutor teaches?

How do you know that it will be effective?

The last question sounds rather ambiguous so let me explain. By effective, I meant being able to really haul those grades to a sterling grade. A sterling grade means a high grade, a grade you will be proud of and which makes you feel that it had all been worth your while.

Why are these questions always the most difficult to answer?

That’s because you may have been looking for the wrong things when you were scouting around for a tutor.

For example, many parents I know base their findings on

Logistics and ability to teach all the subjects


This means how near the tuition centre is to you. Of course, it means that it will be easy for you to access it. And if your grades are just for maintenance, I will advise you to choose a centre close to your home.

However, if you face real struggles in your English paper and had been continuously scoring low grades, how can you allow logistics to make a difference in your climb towards that sterling grade?

Do you really think the convenience of travel is going to be a Big Factor?

You already know the answer.

Then don’t look out for logistics as a key factor in your choice.

A centre that teaches all the subjects

This is great. It’s like going to a food court and finding that you can order whatever you like and fill up your table. The sheer mass of combinations are dazzling. But are they all going to suit your palate?

You already know the answer.

The answer to both the questions is No, of course.

If you are struggling in making a high grade in your English which by the way is a KEY SUBJECT, then should you not be narrowing your search down to the those who top their trade?

That person should be a specialist, someone who goes beyond the call of just teaching and someone who will be there for you when you are struggling to find the answers.

In short, these are the qualities you will be looking for when you are searching for a really good English tutor.

Track record

Make sure that tutor has left behind certain results in the wake of his/ her teaching which will prove to you that he/ she will devote herself to you.

I Look for the website. Look out for the page on students. The best way is to look at the testimonials.

Ii Call the tutor. Look out to see if the first thing the tutor says is that you will have to make $X payment before commencing the tuition. If that is one of the first few things and it was given without being prompted, then it is not a good choice. Hang up. Of course, be polite about it.

Iii Ask the tutor if there are free giveaways. Is there a free preview or a discussion session where you can actually ‘talk’ to the English tutor and mention your concerns? If there is a ‘yes’, follow up with the conversation and book a date.

Iv Does the tutor give workshops, sometime which are uncharged? Some tutors do. These tutors are rare and hard to finding a diamond under one of the fake rocks in Universal Studios. If you do come across one of these, it means that the tutor is really devoted to teaching and will ensure that the student will do his level best. Please hold on to this tutor and don’t let go.

All right, all right, you’re saying. How do I find such a gem of a tutor? And do such people even exist? In the 21st century?

Ok, I know where you’re coming from. The answer is an unequivocal YES. Such people are rare but they do exist. Devoted tutors are not run-of-the-mill so you will need to take your time to look around for one.

I’ll tell you where you cannot find them. You will not find them maintaining the top page with an ad which is displayed 24/7. These tutors pay a princely sum of money for these ads and they will be looking for a way to recover their cost. They will definitely NOT be giving away anything free.

These are the ways you can find someone who will help you through your struggles in your paper.

a)Go to a reputable bookstore. Look for the authors of English and see if you can contact them. Some of them are tuition teachers themselves and that will be ample testament for their track record.

b)Look out for blogs which they may have written. Give them a call and see how it goes. Nothing to lose right?

c)They may place ads periodically in Google. If you see something you like, take down the number.

d)And The Most Important Factor of All….will they be willing to talk to you about your difficulties and how they can help you when you call them? Will that be the main topic when you call or will be how much it costs?

e)If they talk mainly about how to help you to clear your difficulties in English, then that is the best way to ascertain if that tutor is a really good one.

I have listed 3 tuition centres based on their devoted service so try talking to them. You may not wish to call them and that will be ok. This is just my point of view.

1. Eduscore Tuition at Potong Pasir – The lady will definitely talk to you about your concerns.

2. Stepping Stones – They have a few centres. I listed them because they are affordable and in that sense seem genuinely devoted to giving good service.

3. Wizpals at Bishan – I heard of free workshops being given to regular students. I’m not sure if they are still being conducted.

Well, that’s all for now folks. I really hope you will be able to find someone you like as making a good grade means that you will be able to find a better life for yourself in the future. Your grades are your future so give it some thought.


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