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  • Vanita Pal

The Best Strategies for Composition Writing

Getting a high score for Composition is a matter of knowing the strategies.

I’m going to show you the most straightforward method to score well immediately.

If you are really serious about getting a high score in compositions, you need to change your outlook. Treat it as a challenge similar to climbing that mountain and experiencing the fresh cool breeze at the peak. The satisfaction from overcoming that challenge will be well worth your effort.

Many of my students throw up their hands in despair when they contemplate scoring an A1 for their composition. The reason? They have never done that before and they think it is impossible.

The first step towards obtaining a high score is to change your mindset. After all, it is mind over matter. You have to convince yourself that you have the right strategies to get to that pinnacle which you have in mind. Create that scenario mentally. And imagine working on that composition with all the features needed to get you that high score. Then, imagine writing all the most succinct and dynamic ideas needed to get you to that pinnacle. And lastly, imagine getting that A grade. If you can imagine it, half the battle is won.

I am going to show you how to write a composition starting from the most basic steps. Even if you do not possess a good set of vocabulary words or a background of reading, you can still manage to score well if you follow my steps.

The first rule of thumb is to forget all those ‘red marks’ which you have received from your teacher. Remember that they are there to help you to correct your mistakes. Do not be deterred by them.

Concentrate instead on simple strategies which I will show you and believe in yourself. You have to trust your own instincts and believe that you can really hit those high scores. It is just a matter of following the strategies and students with even a poor vocabulary background have managed this feat. Just try it and see the results.

Writing a creditable essay depends on 2 factors.

Having a good set of organization skills and content. If you have a basic approach to both, you can easily score well in your Paper 1 composition.

The first step

You need to establish what you are trying to say.

Organise your paragraphs. Make sure that you have at least 3 to four paragraphs which contain vital information relating to the question.

Always make sure that you have a Strong Point. This means that you are stating a vital fact which replies to the question. If the question is asking you if people are addicted these days, then you have to write the first point about the most obvious addiction.

In this case, you may choose to write about the internet addiction. Do not just mention that it is an internet addiction but also mention the background surrounding the point. This lends flavour and depth to your point. So, you may write that internet addiction is about how people escape from reality by delving into the cyber world of chatting or gaming.

In creating this background to your point, you have managed to create more dimension and you have also impressed the marker with your store of knowledge.

The first sentence

When you start the paragraph, always mention what you are trying to say clearly. That should be in the first sentence. That is the point or the starting sentence. This should signal that you are replying to the question, that you are in control of the question. Always make that first sentence emphatic and accurate. There is no room for confusion in this case.

I State the point clearly

Ii Make sure that it directly answers the question

When you write the essay, you have to make sure that you plan it in advance. You only need 3 minutes to do this. All you need to do is to write out 3 points before you start the question. If it is an argumentative question, you need to write a rebuttal. This is basically the opposing point of view.

The Rebuttal

If the question is asking you if people are taking steps to counter climate change and your Stand is that they do, you may rebut by mentioning that people sometimes are careless and wasteful in their day-to-day living. In your Rebuttal paragraph, you may mention that people still waste food and water.

After you have stated your point clearly, you should state something to support it. This is factual content. When you write an argumentative essay, you need to write about facts. This means that you should be aware of the latest news and bulletins about world affairs. This is needed to pad up what you are trying to say. If you do not support your points with evidence, you will not get any marks.

Supporting Evidence

For supporting evidence, you may turn to newspapers or tv news bulletins which should signal the latest happenings in the world. You need to rely on the latest information when you write evidence. And try to have a supporting statement alluding to the source. If the news is from Channel News Asia, mention it and your essay will sound more professional.

The next step is to elaborate what you have written. Your opinions are of vital importance. You cannot just leave it with supporting evidence from news sources. After all, you need to mention why you are alluding to this at all.

The way you perceive this point and evidence can be beset fleshed out in the elaboration part of your paragraph. You may refer to the more salient points of this evidence or refer to how it is negating the entire world. The way you choose to express your views will signal to the marker that you are a prolific writer and that is the only way to create an impact in your writing. This is the chance for you to write subjectively and impress the marker.

Never leave with a bald ending

This means that you should not end your paragraph abruptly. Always aim to extol the virtues or horrors of what is going on. There must be a moral overview where your subjective thoughts are as important as the evidence. You need to cultivate your own style when you write this and aim for a natural way of writing. Always remember that you need to link back to the question when you have reiterated your opinions. This will emphasize the relevance of your content and add maturity to your writing.

Writing a creditable essay is not difficult but being a disciplined writer is challenging. Disciplined writers follow a format and stick to it. That is the only way you can get past creditable writing and become a high scoring writer. And that is how you achieve your high As.


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