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  • Vanita Pal


Most parents ban their children from using internet media. At best, they cast a frown which only provokes a guilty pleasure. Your media resources are actually an excellent tool at your disposal which can be utilised for content, style and delivery.

Why do I choose the media of all things? Media, especially the new media is unavoidable. It is far better to use a tool which is constantly at eye level after all. Why chase the moon for your input when you have the most exciting resources from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc?

You do not have to actually become a ‘user’ but you can READ. Read the comments, the stories and the exchanges. There is a lot of storytelling in Facebook and people put up videos about how they overcame a gruelling challenge. All this means there is fodder for your writing and the best part is that it is all free.

New Media

New Media came about during the decade of the ‘apps.’’ That was when Apple made it startling new discovery with the iPhone and apps began to rule our day. The first app which appeared was Facebook, then You Tube and Instagram. The internet has more social media applications than that today thanks to the proliferation of users all over the world.

Great stories are recounted in You Tube for instance and they are updated on a daily basis. Tik tok is a more playful app but it is extremely popular. Engaging through this app means that you will understand how youths of today think and respond. This will be enlightening if you want to think of an approach to your writing. The concerns and the issues they talk about will immediately educate you on what to focus on when you write. This is all about young people from the “NOW” generation and they are the voice of the new media.

You Tube for Content

One of the greatest ways the media affects people is through young minds. It contains endless channels with newsfeeds which can enhance the value of one’s experience. Youtube is basically a stream of advertisers and people who are eager to tell you something. Of course, they could be mostly about fix-it solution videos but many are about people who want to be heard because they have an important truth to impart.

And what about the latest speeches and quips from world leaders? They are often mentioned on the spur of the moment and are extremely captivating. These comments can turn the world on its axis and they can even topple the stock exchange rates. These are exciting times that we live in, and it is all thanks to the new media.

Publicity and dialogue

There are also those celebrities who are eager to pitch in their ‘2 cents worth’ to the public. Though these are mainly publicity stunts, they have a long following so we must pay attention to the way they speak or what they are trying to say. It could be something like shopping at a mall where they may have run into an old ‘enemy.’ Though these are staged, we may notice how short, terse comments are used. These can be excellent when you want to write a dialogue in your narrative.

Celebrity stunts for Suspense writing

For instance, recently, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, his ex-wife met at a big celebrity event. Both were photographed standing some distance from each other. It is doubtful whether they said anything as they had an incendiary divorce a few years ago but the caption suggested if they were going to say anything when they were that close.

It was teasing. Basically, it was a ploy just to provoke awe. The setting is perfect if you want to write a suspenseful narrative. Just pose 2 characters who may have been at each other’s throats but only maintain suspense. It could all be for nothing but the suspense is worth it.

At the end of the day, Depp and Heard hardly said 2 words to each other. It was worth it though. The effect was even better when they did not speak at all.

Writing with effect is like this. You need to set the stage. Create the drama. And do it stylishly. Envisage a clash or friction. Then build up around it. The party, the music, the people, the gorgeous clothes. The carefully turned away posture, the angle of the heads. The whole scene relies on posturing. And it should be well done.

That is how you should create your build-up in your plot.

The Storyboard

Why is there a “Create a Story” section in Facebook? Stories are big stuff today. People want to do business with you but they need to know your story first. Your story is pivotal in ‘selling’ your ideas, your theories and it gives them a brief synopsis of your potential before they engage with you. This is the best place, the ‘happening’ place for all those struggles, thoughts, philosophies and grave moments which people want to share with others.

Why can’t these be an inspiration for your writing? It is the perfect content anyway. They are all original and most importantly, they strike a chord in people TODAY. These stories are RELEVANT and they are about today’s issues. Therefore, they are REALISTIC. It is not fluff.

This is the best way to be inspired by when you need inspiration. And it is immediate.

The media is the language tool of our times. Books and first cover editions will always have their place but new media has exciting possibilities which we have not exploited yet. That’s because you have always been told that it is not good for you.

Actually, it can be if you look for the parts which I have mentioned. The best part is that you can access this instantaneously and use it for your writing. I hope my points are useful especially when you have that mental block when you are trying to write.

I hope you will have many productive hours of thought-provoking writing which will inspire your readers.


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