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  • Vanita Pal


Welcome to my blog which promises to make good on what it says.

You will definitely be able to write more fluently than you ever have if you follow my little tips.

They are not empty promises but a carefully designed mini programme aimed at unleashing the writer within yourself.

All of us should be able to communicate. The question is whether we communicate well or not.

We live in the age of communication. Instant messaging, Internet revolution, social media and digital technology only point us in the direction of communicating at our level best.

The person who knows the art of writing and speaking well is really the King of today’s communication. Quite literally.

You know what I mean. Take a look at social media. The one who knows how to capitalize on his words by studying the market is quite obviously the one who attracts the most attention. During the US elections in 2016, Donald Trump drew far more attention through his tweets than any of the paid advertisements. The reason? He knew the sort of words which would create an uproar or a frenzy. Readers would eagerly turn to his Twitter page just to read his latest tweet. And none of his tweets were very profound or philosophical. They were basically attention-grabbing bits of news.

So, what am I driving at?

It is quite obvious isn’t it?

If you want to write fluently, you must A) be able to write attractively and B) write enticingly to the reader

Let me explain a bit about A and B.

A) Able to write attractively

All fluent writers write attractively. They know how to pare down their words to the simplest form and be able to tease you with half-truths and metaphors. Writing fluently is an art, it is a carefully honed skill which is not only meant to inform but to entice.

If you want to write fluently, you should do both. Inform and entice.

Any writer worth his salt will be able to inform. Informing the audience means that you have content which you wish to deliver.

Imagine JK Rowling the author of the Harry Potter series, writing to inform. This is how it will go.

“Harry Potter had a spell placed on him by his parents which saved him from the evil and powerful wizard Voldemort after which they died and he had to fend for his life with the help of his friends from Hogwarts.“

That is really the entire story isn’t it? You have the plot in a nutshell. And you can be sure that no one will like to read it.

If a writer only writes for the sheer purpose of informing, the news becomes dry and unattractive.

Even the most ambitious journalists will put their content in an attractive way and choose a headline which will appeal. Though their primary objective is to deliver the news, they know that it has to be newsworthy. That means, to catch the public eye.

You will need to deliver your content but make sure that it follows the rules of forming a good base, pithy content which is well-researched, add some thoughtful solutions/ opinions and finish it off after that.

Your readers will love the details and they will obviously appreciate the content but there is something missing.


B) Able to write enticingly

What is the ability to entice? It is to tease, to captivate and to reveal only so much at the start and begin peeling it off in layers till you have the entire truth delivered with panache only at the end.

A good writer, actor, dramatist and speaker knows that you need a punchline at the end. More importantly, you need to keep the best for last.

Never reveal everything at the onset. That means the sense of mystery has been robbed from the very first line. No one wants to know everything at the start. They may want to but you should never do that. It is really the first rule in writing.

Why do I insist on this? The sense of mystery alleviates the climax or the eagerness in awaiting a solution. You could do this by creating metaphors which can be repetitive throughout. The metaphor can help to build up the mystery. Or you can reveal the solution or the finale at the end and it has to be slightly different from what was expected.

The air of unpredictability is the hallmark of all good deliveries. It is the stuff of mystery writers like Agatha Christie.

And what was it that Marlon Brando, the actor who was considered to be the best actor of all time? He said that one should never reveal everything at the beginning.

That man really knew his stuff. No wonder he won worldwide acclaim for his Godfather role.

So, my dear friends, with all these revelations about writing, I am sure that you will never think of writing in the same way again. If you follow these tips you can be a fluent writer in just 3 months or even less. Pick up that pen and start creating some magic. Happy writing!


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