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  • Vanita Pal


Most people think that it takes an eternity to reach a high score for their English exams.

Please Debunk this Myth!

It is possible to get a high score within a reasonably short period of time. Let’s say…months?

And how long will it take to see an improvement? (this is the question you should really be asking)

I can promise you with absolute honesty that you will see an improvement in less than 3 months with at least a 10 – 20% improvement.

Do you think I’m making empty promises?

If you think I am, feel free to take me up on this. I’ll leave my details below. 😊

Now, let’s think about this seriously.

Imagine your grades are a D7 or an F9 or a U.

What do you do? This can happen and it does not mean you’re not smart. It could simply mean that you do not have an inclination for languages or that you were resistant to reading when you were younger. I’ve had straight A students who scored perfectly for all their science, math, social studies and history/ geography electives and they somehow managed to score an F, D or a C for their English.

Sounds familiar?

The most important factor to remember is that you should Never Fear being able to score well in English. English is just a language and it is a language we have all been exposed to probably from the moment we were born. Though it may not be your Mother Tongue, it is the first language here (in Singapore) and the international language for business.

If you have been in a cosmopolitan country like Singapore, the chance of your being able to understand and speak fluently is very high. Unfortunately, most people do NOT WRITE English very well.

I’ve had scores of students tell me that they could compute the meaning in their heads but were unable to transmit it to paper. What a calamity!

There can be nothing more frustrating in being able to know and not being able to write what you know. Have you ever experienced this?

If you have, you are probably despairing HOW you will ever be able to write

I Succinctly

Ii Sanguinely

Iii Sophisticatedly

This is the Holy Grail of writing. The 3 “S”s of writing so well that you will hit those high scores.

The most important fact is to remember not to fear achieving this. This is a simple exercise of being devoted and carrying out the principles required to achieve the Holy Grail of 3 “S”s.

Are you ready to find out?


This means that you should write clearly and honestly. The meaning should be clear and come across in a step-by-step build-up of your essay/ report/ situation writing.

Writing succinctly requires time and practice. You should make sure that you have a Plan first and then start to deliver your main points or PEEL in a step-by-step method.


Sanguine writing is about writing with wisdom and this means Content. You should have done some research prior to writing and make sure that you do not gloss over or fabricate events/ situations.

Sanguine writing requires you to maintain a high standard in your Points and Evidence. Is the evidence up-to-date? Double check what you have written. Is it relevant to our times? Is it relevant to the question?

You have to maintain your own strict standard for writing wisely so make sure that you have read well on several genres before as part of your preparation for writing.


Writing with sophistication is all about Style. I prefer to mention Sophistication as it delivers the idea straightaway. It also means class. This takes time and practice to get it just right. Most writers throve on the art of witty writing or sophisticated writing.

Most students prefer to deliver the facts straight and do not bother to pay attention to style or sophistication.

A sophisticated writer will take pains to write a truly dynamic HOOK and will be sure to round up the Concluding paragraph by drawing a find line between emoting and exhibiting insight into the more singular concerns of the question. And it has to be done with a bit of wit and poise.

The meaning should hit the reader straightaway and create that ‘flashbulb’ moment of great lucidity.

If you can do this, you’re a sophisticated writer.

And HOW do you do all this?

I have already mentioned the steps needed to get there but if you need a little guiding, perhaps a bit of hand-

holding or mentoring then get someone to help you out.

Writing becomes a lot easier if you have someone to mentor you especially if Time is a constraint and your exams are Looming.

There are some English writers/ tutors who will be able to lend a hand in your writing.

Be sure to give them a call and ask them a question or 2 about the Holy Grail of writing or the finer points of writing.

Give them a ‘ping’ if you feel you want some ‘mentoring’ or just go ahead and try my steps. 😊

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· Gummy Education

· Wizpals Education


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